Pile of Compost and a lettuce seedling.
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If you plan to backyard compost, keep in mind a few things:

  1. To help speed up the process, break down or mulch larger items.
  2. When adding materials to your pile, be sure there is plenty of air and water, which allows the microorganisms (bugs) and insects to do their best work. 
  3. Composting requires four vital elements:
    • Carbon (is the source of energy and produces heat)
    • Nitrogen (the protein to grow and produce more organisms)
    • Oxygen (fuels the decomposition process) and
    • Water (helps maintain activity).
  4. Your compost pile should be as moist as a wrung out sponge.  If your pile starts to smell skunk-like, add more water and turn the pile. 

Setting up for successful backyard composting:

To make your own bin you can use wire mesh, snow fencing, wood, bricks or even an old garbage can with holes in the bottom; or just make a heap and add to it! Anyway you do it, try to keep your pile to 3 feet wide by 3 feet tall. You can make it as long as you want to, but having the proper height and width is important to maintain heat in the pile. 

Download a chart for home composting.  (Requires the free Acrobat Reader.)

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